How long does the delivery take?

Karachi orders are delivered within 1-2 working days. Delivery time for rest of the nation is 3-5 working days.

How can I get urgent/next-day delivery?

In Karachi, we offer pickup and same day delivery through bykea. For the rest of Pakistan, we can do next-day delivery, but that requires advance payment in our bank account along with extra delivery charges.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our delivery is completely free no matter what the amount of your order.

What is your Return/Exchange policy?

We have a 14-Day refund/exchange policy, as long as the product is in its original condition and the packaging is intact. Lingerie and Jewellery items excluded.

What does it mean by original condition and intact packaging?

Original condition means that the product is not smelly, stained or torn. Intact packaging means that the original Shein bag every product comes in is not thrown away or damaged, because in case of returns or exchanges product has to be sent back in them only.

What is the return/exchange procedure?

In both cases the customers have to send the product back to us to our address: 112/1, 12th street, phase 6, Khe.Rahat, DHA, Karachi. In case of an exchange, replacement is dispatched as soon as we receive the item. In case of refunds, we transfer the amount in your bank account within 14-days after receiving the product.

Are the products original Shein?

Absolutely! We procure all our products directly from Shein. They are not leftovers or stock lot items. Theyโ€™re from the latest season.

How do I know if the products are original?

Every product comes in its original Shein bag with its unique sku code printed on it. You can search that sku code on Sheinโ€™s website and the same product will appear.

Why doesnโ€™t my item have a shein tag?

Shein does not put tags on 80% of its products. The identification of its authenticity is the original Shein bag it comes in.

Do you take pre-orders?

No we donโ€™t! We only sell what we have in-stock.

Is everything on the website available for immediate delivery?

Yes! Everything on the website is available for immediate delivery.

ย How can I order?

You can place the order from the website or tell us your order on our Instagram or WhatsApp (0332-8585839)

What is open box delivery and how can I avail it?

In open box delivery, you can open the package at the time of delivery in front of the rider and check it. You canโ€™t try it on. Just inform us after ordering that you want to avail open box delivery on our Instagram or WhatsApp (0332-8585839).

Do you have an outlet?

No we don't! We only operate online.

Where in pakistan are you based?

We are a Karachi based company.

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